Healthy, Simple And Silly Games To Play With Your Baby

Healthy, Simple And Silly Games To Play With Your Baby

DBC Baby Bedding

“Peek-a-boo” might not amuse a fully grown adult (though stranger things have happened before), but such a seemingly simple game can do wonders to entertain and delight a curious baby. Doesn’t seeing your baby’s face light up with a big smile and shrieking laughter bring pure joy to you as a parent? Of course it does, and it’s simple games like peek-a-boo that help stimulate a baby’s mind and foster healthy, positive development - physically, mentally and even emotionally speaking.

Caring About Your Baby’s Quality Of Life

Your custom baby bedding experts here at DBC Baby Bedding Co are invested in the health and wellbeing of your new baby due to our products that we specialize in. From the very latest in personalized crib bedding to custom crib blankets and so much more, we take pride in helping your baby sleep and rest safely in order to facilitate growth and development. What could be more rewarding than that?

To help share our passion for raising kids, we’re going to take a look at some simple yet effective games to play with your baby. If you’re an expecting parent and you still haven’t locked down on the best unique baby bedding sets from us, shop our site today to build the best possible nursery.

Looking At Stuff

As absolutely basic as this sounds, babies are stimulated by just about any household object. So, as long as the object in question won’t poison, electrocute or otherwise hurt him, you can consider it to be fair game. The kitchen is a great source for checking out household items - babies seem to love things like egg beaters, spoons, wire whisks, and spatulas. Other things like magazines with pictures, record albums, colorful fabrics or clothes, fruits and vegetables, and so on also make for an entertaining, exploratory experience for your baby.

Keep a stash of objects beside you and sit with your baby. When the moment is right, whip out of the items behind your back like a magician (this alone is enough to blow your baby’s mind). Tell them what it is, and hold the object still about a foot away from her face while staring at the object yourself. Think of this activity as pre-pre-school, familiarizing your baby with standard, everyday items.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

At just about any stage in life, bubbles are wonderfully pleasant, and to a baby, they’re pure magic. At the four to six month range, your baby should be able to see far enough away to focus on them. The whole concept of having numerous bubbles fly out of the wand, dancing around in the air and eventually popping is something that tends to make most babies laugh and smile. Is your baby particularly cranky? Bust out the bubbles. Growing sick of the car ride? Bubbles are the answer. Plus, bubbles are unbelievably cheap, easily transportable, and again, as we’ve alluded to - endlessly fascinating for babies.

“I’m Gonna Get You!”

This game is as fun for the parent(s) as it is for the baby. Near the six month mark, your baby should be old enough to have a sense of anticipation. Taking advantage of this, no baby can quite resist you coming at him with the “threat” of hugs, kisses, or even gentle tickles. Knowing that mom or dad is going after him provides a sense of excitement and even thrill in the baby, only to be rewarded after the “chase” by nothing but wholesome love.

As your baby eventually approaches the toddler stages in life, chasing them around the house when they’re able to walk is loads of fun. Plus, if you’re in a rush and you need to get them out of the door, this little game is quite effective.

This Little Piggy

Like peek-a-boo, this timeless classic is sure to get your baby to crack a massive smile and laugh. Touch your baby’s toes, in turn, starting with the big toe. Then, say “this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. And this little piggy went ‘wee-wee-wee’ all the way home!” Cheesy? Of course it is, but this interaction is nonetheless entertaining and fun for your baby.

Additionally, as you say the last part, run your fingers up your baby’s belly. This game is useful for putting on socks and shoes or distracting your baby during diaper changes. You can also play this game in the bathtub with a squirt bottle, targeting your baby’s toes. 

Time On Her Tummy

“Tummy time” is important for your baby, even if she adamantly protests against it. It’s rather simple - get down on the floor with your baby and look her in the eye as you lie on your own belly. It might sound a little strange, but lay your baby on a towel and use it to gently roll her from side to side, saying things like “Oops-a-daisy!” as you roll her back and forth. Doing so is important from a developmental point of view.

Have Fun And Enjoy Time Spent With Your Baby

Raising a baby is hard work, but it’s also fun and rewarding! You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable some of these games are for you as a parent. Engaging with your baby and familiarizing her with the environment is crucial to facilitating healthy, positive development. After a hard day's’ worth of playing, secure the best sleep you can for your baby with the help of our unique crib bedding sets from DBC Baby Bedding Co. Shop our custom baby bedding sets on our site today!

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Useful Penny-Pinching Tips For New Parents

Useful Penny-Pinching Tips For New Parents

DBC Baby Bedding

More so than a brand-new home, a fancy car, or even world-class college education, raising a child is by far the most expensive thing that you could possibly invest in. It’s hardly any secret that kids are immensely expensive, and hey, giving the gift of life through you and your partner’s bond is a beautiful thing, so the financial aspect of parenting is beyond worth it. Life itself is absolutely precious and priceless, so there’s really nothing that you wouldn’t do or buy to help raise your baby - within reason, of course.

Though you’ll be spending up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on raising one kid (the numbers depend on many factors, of course), it helps to save some dollars here and there when you can. Naturally, you and your significant other will still need to take care of yourselves, and so it makes sense to be frugal sometimes. Fortunately, there are a number of money-savvy things that new and even seasoned parents can do to stretch your dollar just a little bit farther.

Custom Nursery Bedding That’s Worth It

DBC Baby Bedding Co sells premium, top-quality baby bedding for those crucial first months of life and beyond, and we firmly believe that the investment in a proper nursery is a wise one. Infancy, one of the single most important stages of life, needs to be cradled safely and securely with the help of our custom baby bedding solutions. With crib bedding that’s safe, cozy and nurturing for your little baby, you’ll be setting them up for a healthy life full of happiness and wonder. What more could a parent really want besides raising a happy and successful child? We’re honored that we can help with this. Learn more by checking out our nursery bedding collections today.

Make Your Own Baby Food

Baby food is notoriously expensive, especially in the (admittedly convenient) plastic pouches that they often come in these days. Making your own baby food actually isn’t very difficult, and you’ll save a good chunk of money in the process. When you have some free time over the weekend (a rarity for most parents of newborns), spend a couple of hours making your own purees and freezing them in ice-cube trays to make small portions that are appropriate for younger babies.

For older babies, consider purchasing reusable food pouches and filling them with your own purees or applesauce purchased by the jar (organic applesauce or applesauce without any added sugar is the healthier way to go). Feeding your growing baby pureed baby food is only a small stage in the grand scheme of life, but the costs of buying store bought, ready-to-go baby food add up very fast.

Shop Children’s Consignment Sales

If you’re worried about the condition of some of the items at consignment sales, don’t be. The clothing, toys and baby gear all sold at children’s consignment sales are required to be in excellent condition in order to be sold. The best part? These items are often priced at fifty to seventy percent off full retail prices, meaning that you can get a lot of essential baby-related items for a total bargain. The range of items that you can purchase gently used at a consignment sale is actually quite immense, generally speaking, including things like books, DVDs, puzzles, maternity wear, baby monitors, and more.

Plus, because your baby will eventually grow up to become a child, they will grow out of many of these items. So, not only can you save a ton of money shopping at children’s consignment sales, but you can also earn money by consigning your children’s outgrown clothing and toys. It’s a win-win!

Buy Gifts Year-Round

Why not? Buying presents around the holidays is not a good way to save money, but by looking out for deals all year long and paying attention to what your loved ones might want, you can definitely save more than a few dollars. We recommend shopping after-holiday sales to pick up toys and other gifts at hefty discounts. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to amass a “gift closet” for birthdays and other special events throughout the year. If you’re shopping for a children’s birthday party, set a simple budget and stick to it.

Your Public Library Is Your Friend

In the days of digital technology and easily accessible information on the internet, libraries have become more of an afterthought for many people. We think that libraries have become underrated, because here’s the best part about them: They’re free! Not only can you check out books about anything and everything for the entire family, but you can also check out DVDs and audiobooks at little to no cost.

Most libraries also offer a range of free activities and wholesome community-oriented events for children, so be sure to check out your local library’s event calendar. All things considered, the library is a wonderful, positive learning environment for a developing child to spend time in. Just make sure that they’re not too loud!

Your Baby’s Nursery Is A Foundation For Life

As the parent of a baby, how you spend your money and what you choose to buy for your young one is ultimately up to you. Regardless of how you and your partner go about it, it’s fair to say that parents agree on one thing, and that is providing the best quality of life possible for their child. To us here at DBC Baby Bedding Co, that means getting things started on the right foot with the help of our personalized crib bedding products. From unique newborn bedding to custom baby blankets and plenty of other items to keep your baby safe and sound, get the best nursery products for your baby today!

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Tips To Raise Street-Smart Kids

Tips To Raise Street-Smart Kids

DBC Baby Bedding

Given the newborn bedding that we sell here at DBC Baby Bedding Co, we don’t really cater to growing kids beyond infancy, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t provide more useful parenting tips for you to use well into the future, right? Perhaps you and your significant other are expecting a newborn shortly on the way while raising another growing child, or you already have a couple of kids that are fast approaching the “tween” stage. Whatever your parenting situation, it’s a fairly universal thing among parents who care to give their children the best quality of life possible.

Parenting Smart, Safe Children

As much as you just want your kids to stay around the safety of your house, the reality is that kids grow up by going to school, socializing and learning with classmates, and discovering how to be independent and do things for themselves. While this process takes many years, giving your child a solid foundation of information about what to do and what not to do could very well be parental advice that sticks with them for a lifetime. During the more impressionable years of childhood is the best time for parents to teach their kids good street smarts, especially if you live in a more densely-populated urban area.

Starting Out Right With Unique Crib Bedding

Street smarts are all about safety, and our custom baby bedding experts at DBC Baby Bedding Co are all about providing the warmth and safety that your baby deserves during those crucial first months of life and beyond. With a solid and secure crib bedding setup featuring custom baby blankets and soft but safe newborn bedding, our products help your baby grow up to be happy and healthy, ready to take on school and the challenges of life. Check out our crib bedding products today!

Promote Vigilance And Awareness

Street smart kids are aware of their surroundings, even when they’re with trusted friends. It’s all too easy for kids to get involved in something fun and not realize that something is wrong around them. Really, your kids are the best nosy neighbors that you can have. Teach your kid(s) to go outside, but not to explore in unfamiliar or unsafe areas. Ideally, they should know who’s supposed to be in the neighborhood and who isn’t. With a solid understanding of their typical environment, they’ll easily be able to spot something out of the ordinary.

Teach Stranger Safety

The term “stranger danger” should immediately come to mind. While it’s important to teach your kids to be wary and cautious, doing so too much can lead to trust issues - there’s a problem with blanketing all strangers as potential wrongdoers. After all, what if a stranger is actually there to legitimately help in a situation?

Yes, stranger danger is a very real threat to children, but the stranger danger talks should be balanced with stranger safety talks. Prepare them for what they should do if they actually need a stranger’s help, which can be as simple as giving your child a basic cell phone for emergency use only (smartphone come later in adolescence when the time is right!). If they’re lost, then they’ll have a cell phone and a means of contacting you should the need arise.

Show Them How To Get Help

No one ever wants to be an emergency situation, let alone image their precious child in one. But the reality is parenting is to prepare your kid, really, and sometimes in life, emergencies and accidents happen. They’re just a part of the human experience.

Knowing how to call 911 is a good first step, but it’s still the very basics. Sometimes a phone isn’t available, or maybe your kid needs to get out of a situation as soon as possible. In this, let them know that it is perfectly okay to say “no” to an adult. On top of that, assure your child that if someone poses a real threat, running away or screaming as loud as he or she can is not only acceptable but in certain cases, the right thing to do.

It’s impossible to imagine all of the potential emergency scenarios that your child could be in (and it’s also not great for your mental health), but remember that this is all a part of the parenting experience. Showing your kids how to get help will give you a peace of mind and will also prepare them if they’re ever in danger - the essence of street smarts.

Memorization Skills Aren’t Just For School

Memory is important. If your child ever needs to describe a suspicious person to you or to the police, how much detail could they recall? To fortify their memory recall, work with your kids in simple, everyday situations. For younger kids, this could even be as simple as asking what kinds of animals were at the park. As they learn to count, ask how many kids were on the playground.

As your child gets older, make the questions more difficult by asking for more detail in a situation - things like colors, shapes, nearby objects, context, the lighting, etc. As you do this, just make sure not to test your kids to the point that it becomes a frustrating, maniacal chore for them.

Child Safety Begins In The Nursery

Babies are extremely vulnerable and sensitive, calling for the best baby crib bedding to keep them comfortable and secure. From various baby sheet sets to custom crib skirts and more, DBC Baby Bedding Co has the best baby bedding for your little one. Shop today!

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Additional Myths About Parenting

Additional Myths About Parenting

DBC Baby Bedding

Whoever said that parenting was easy has probably never been a parent ever before. Parenting will throw you and your partner through loops you never imagined were possible, subjecting you two to trials and tribulations that test the integrity of your relationship. Now, with that being said, parenting is also quite possibly one of the most rewarding experiences that a human being could go through, and here at DBC Baby Bedding Co, we really value giving the gift of life. Let’s just say that parents deserve more than a little credit when it comes to being the heroes of procreation.

Make Parenthood A Little Easier With The Best Baby Bedding From Us

In our previous blog post about parenthood myths, our custom baby bedding suppliers addressed some typical misunderstandings about parenthood, and in today’s blog post, we’re going to continue touching on a few more parenthood myths. Once you’ve refined your knowledge about parenthood (if you’re here, chances are that you’re a new parent, right?), make sure that your loved one is warm and comfortable at night by shopping our unique crib bedding and newborn bedding sets. After all, your baby deserves the best, and the best in custom baby bedding is what we do!

Myth: Parents Shouldn’t Tell Their Kids No

Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to tell your kids that they shouldn’t have or do something - you don’t have to be the “Yes Man” of parenting. Setting limits actually teaches kids various skills and also helps them feel safe, according to Maui clinical psychologist Heather Wittenberg. Saying “no” doesn’t hurt your child so long as it is done in a respectful and appropriate manner as opposed to a hostile or aggressive tone. The context is far more important than the actual word “no.”

Other examples of helpful, healthy limit setting include suspending your teen’s cell phone privileges if they aren’t meeting their responsibilities (something that’s way down the line for all of you new parents, but hey, it’s never too early to start giving it some thought). When your baby is of toddler age, as another example, taking them out of a party setting until he calms down and expresses his frustrations in words is another healthy and constructive way of saying “no, I’m not going to tolerate that kind of behavior.”

Myth: Your Marriage Will Survive Total Neglect While Raising Kids

The marriage and eternal, loving bond between you and your partner is the whole reason behind having a child, so neglecting your relationship can result in disastrous consequences. While it is true that parenting is all-consuming, attention and focus on the quality of the marriage itself is required to be a successful parent.

Again, as we mentioned above, parenting is no easy feat - in fact, it’s one of the most challenging things that a person can go through. Couples might only communicate when there’s conflict, engage in individual activities, and not spend any time together without the kid(s) around. This causes the marriage to become one-dimensional, focusing solely on the parenting aspect while foregoing any extent of friendship or intimacy. This is not okay. Children tend to learn how to have close relationships by watching their parents do it, so set a good example for your growing kiddo by nurturing your connection with your partner. In this, each partner should be thanking, complimenting and touching each other, providing a source of strength and comfort for each other as well as the child during the everyday ins and outs of parenting.

Side note: Have fun without the kids! Hire a trusted babysitter and go on dates, picking activities that involve laughter, joy, and even something new. Activities that you used to enjoy together back in your younger days are also a great way to keep the spark of the relationship going strong.

Myth: If Your Kids Aren’t Happy, You’re Parenting Incorrectly

In the United States, there’s a huge emphasis on happiness in our culture, so if your kids aren’t happy most or even all of the time, many parents start to worry about what they’re doing wrong. Really, it’s completely normal for your children (and all people in general) to experience a range of emotions. Kids aren’t exempt from experiencing the same highs and lows that adults feel, which actually leads to a much richer and in-depth life as opposed to a more “monochromatic” life.

Each of us is naturally born with a range of emotional experiences and capabilities. It’s healthy to be able to feel and deal with all of them. So, if your growing child is going through a hard time or they just seem upset for little to reason, be there for them - whether lending an ear or providing sage advice, parenting is all about being accessible for your child when things are great and when things aren’t so great.

It’s worth noting that persistent unhappiness with your child may be problematic. This could be a sign that your child is struggling with depression, in which your child constantly cries, has low energy and disrupted sleep. Other kids may be more irritable, agitated and even hostile. Pay attention to how your kid is acting and discuss it with your partner.

The Foundation For Your Child’s Life

The nursery is where your child begins to grow into life, and so it only makes sense to get the best custom nursery bedding that’s out there. From boy’s rooms, girl’s rooms and gender-neutral rooms, DBC Baby Bedding Co has everything that new parents need to create the ideal nursery. Shop our unique baby bedding sets today!

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Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter

Keeping Your Baby Warm During The Winter

DBC Baby Bedding

While plenty of places in the country stay relatively warm during the wintertime, many regions experience fairly brutal winter temperatures. If this is your baby’s first winter, this presents an exciting yet cautious time of year as a parent. Even if it’s cold and snowy out, you can’t just leave your baby inside the house for the whole season - after all, you’ve been bundling up your youngin and taking them around with you for errands and other things, so why should winter stop you and your baby from living your lives?

Staying Warm And Cozy With Custom Baby Blankets And More

That being said, a baby’s skin is very sensitive the cold temperatures and harsh winds of the wintertime. Despite the magic and warmth of the upcoming holiday season, your baby bedding experts here at DBC Baby Bedding Co only figured that it was appropriate to dedicate today’s blog posts to properly dressing your baby during the colder seasons. Our custom baby bedding solutions are like a warm outfit for your little one, providing comfort and safety when you and your child need it the most. With custom crib blankets and personalized baby blankets available, you can also take a piece of DBC Baby Bedding Co with you! Shop our baby blankets or check out our unique baby bedding products.

Warm And Safe In The Car

The moment you exit your home, where’s the first place you’re most likely headed? The car, of course. Things like bulky coats, bunting and sleeping bags (or “cozies”) that attach to the bottom and inside of the back of the car seat might seem like welcome, warm additions to your baby’s car ride, but they’re actually considered big no-nos. This is because they can actually compress in a crash, increasing your baby’s risk of injury. As it turns out, the American Academy of Pediatrics actually considers these products to be unnecessary anyway.

Instead, dress your baby in thin layers and tuck a blanket around her after she’s buckled in. On particularly cold days, try dressing her in a long-sleeved one-piece under a one-piece footed fleece outfit. You could also add a cotton sweater on top if need be. If you’re walking a few blocks to your car or even just across a parking lot, you can also use a thick blanket or multiple blankets to safely transport your baby to her car seat.

Also, remember that once your car heats up, remove the blanket or coat if your baby seems warm.

Out On A Walk

Like we said above, your baby can’t just stay inside all winter. Besides, fresh air is important for your baby, even if it's chilly outside. If your baby was born full term, is at least three weeks old and weighs at least twelve pounds, taking a fifteen-minute walk (when it’s at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer) can do wonders. Babies lose heat more rapidly than adults do (hence our blog post on the matter), so experts agree that a good rule of thumb is to dress your child in one more layer than you would wear in the same conditions. If you’re going out in a long-sleeved T-shirt and a winter jacket, add a sweater to your baby’s long-sleeved outfit, and maybe add a bunting or a coat to boot. Top that off with cute mittens, a snug-fitting hat, and warm boots if the bunting doesn’t reach your baby’s feet.

An attachable sleeping bag is fine for a walk in a stroller, but again, don’t use it for a car ride. When it comes to taking your baby outside during colder temperatures but he or she was preterm or has a medical condition, consult your pediatrician first before bundling up and venturing outside.

Hanging Out Indoors

It’s tempting to get very warm and cozy indoors, and for the most part, that’s fine, but don’t overdo it. The ideal temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and to check if your baby is comfortable or not, simply put your hand on your baby’s tummy or back. It should be warm, but not sweaty. Keeping your baby from becoming too warm is especially important during sleep, and our custom baby bedding products can certainly help your little one find the right temperature balance.

The Best Baby Bedding To Stay Warm And Safe This Winter

Finding that ideal temperature balance for your baby can be tricky, but we hope that this blog post was helpful. Shop the latest nursery bed collections today!

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The Four Main Types Of Parenting Styles

The Four Main Types Of Parenting Styles

DBC Baby Bedding

If you ever took a class on developmental psychology back in your college days (good times, right?), then you might remember learning about the four main parenting styles. While these styles of parenting do not fully encompass every possible nuance or approach to parenting, they are an interesting way to generalize how you’re leading your growing baby or child to a happy, healthy life full of success. No one style is perfect, and in reality, most parents are a combination of all four parenting styles. Where do you and your spouse fit in?

All Parents Agree That Babies Need Their Sleep

That’s what DBC Baby Bedding Co is going to address in today’s blog post. Regardless of how you choose to parent, one thing is for certain: helping your baby get their much-needed rest in their nursery. That’s why we specialize in selling high-quality custom baby bedding solutions and unique crib bedding here on our site because we know that your darling newborn needs to sleep safely and comfortably every day and night. Check out our custom crib bedding for yourself by visiting here!

Now, with the intention of helping you identify your main parenting style, let’s take a look.


Psychologists generally consider the authoritative parenting style to be the most effective and beneficial style for raising normal children. Easy to recognize, authoritative parents are marked by the high expectations that they have of their children, but balance these expectations with understanding and support. This type of parenting typically creates the healthiest environment for a growing child and also helps to foster a productive relationship between the parent and the child.

According to seasoned parents and academic experts, one of the most important authoritative parenting traits to emulate is the open communication style with the child. Indeed, if a parent can foster the ability to speak to their child without judgment or reprimand, they will be more likely to have insight into the child’s life and understanding, while providing the child with a better understanding of the world around them.


As is implied in the name, neglectful parenting is one of the most harmful styles of parenting that can be subjected to a growing child. The thing with the neglectful parenting style is that, unlike other styles, the parents rarely fluctuate naturally into neglectful parenting as a response to child behavior. Characteristic traits of neglectful parents include things like having trouble understanding what is going on in the child’s life, not caring for the child’s emotional or physical needs, failing to provide a safe environment to grow and learn, and spending long periods of time away from the child.

Overall, neglectful parenting can be quite damaging to children because they’ll have no trust foundation from their parents to explore the world with.


Also known as “indulgent” parenting, this can very well be a harmful parenting style. Permissive parents are responsive, but not demanding. They tend to be rather lenient while trying to avoid confrontation. So, while typically nurturing and loving as parents, the permissive style includes things like failing to set rules or expectations and encouraging a lack of self-discipline and self-control in the child.

Some parents adopt the permissive parenting style as an extreme opposite approach to their authoritarian upbringing, while others are just simply afraid to put their foot down and do anything that may upset the child.


Distinct from authoritative, this style of overly strict parenting is characterized by parents who are demanding but not responsive. This means that authoritarian parents allow for little open dialogue between parent and child, expecting them to follow a strict set of rules and expectations without any questions. Typically, authoritarian parents rely on punishment to demand obedience or to teach a lesson.

So, while the structure and rules of an authoritarian parenting style are necessary for healthy child development, warmth, understanding, and forgiveness are lacking with authoritarian parents.

No Parent Is Perfect, But Our Custom Baby Bedding Is Pretty Close!

Again, in most cases, parents can usually be characterized by different aspects of each parenting style. At DBC Baby Bedding Co, we just want the best for your child like you do, and that’s why we sell amazing nursery bedding collections and unique baby bedding sets for newborns. With the right baby sheet sets and other custom crib bedding solutions we provide, your baby can safely rest and comfortably grow in this world. Get a great deal on our custom baby bedding solutions today!

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Check Out These Statistics On Parenting In America

Check Out These Statistics On Parenting In America

DBC Baby Bedding

If you’re a new parent or you’re going to be a new parent soon (congratulations either way!), then chances are that you’ll be grouped into various parenting demographics over time. Even if you’re not a data junkie, it can be pretty interesting to look into statistics and information, especially when what you’re reading is relevant to your own life. If you’ve been tackling your parental responsibilities for some time now, how do you think you’re doing?

Helping New Parents And Their Children Learn And Grow

In another blog post geared toward you parents out there, the custom baby bedding pros at DBC Baby Bedding Co are going to discuss various parenting statistics in the United States. Whether or not you live in this country, you’re bound to be able to relate to at least some of this data, and if not, then it may still provide some thought-sparking ideas or insight about how you’re doing as a parent and everything that goes into the experience.

The search for quality newborn bedding at a fair price can be daunting, but rest assured knowing that you have a unique crib bedding company that’s here to help you build the ultimate nursery room for your newborn. Shop the best baby bedding and custom nursery bedding solutions on the market here at DBC Baby Bedding Co!

Doing A Good Job

No parent wants to admit that they’re doing a bad job at being a mom or dad, and the truth is that it will never be a perfect experience for anyone - that’s just not how parenting was designed. According to a Pew research poll, most parents report that they feel like they’re doing a good job raising their kids, and this is fairly consistent across different income groups. Indeed, nearly identical shares of parents with incomes of $75,000 or higher (46%), $30,000 to $74,999 (44%) and less than $30,000 (46%) say that they are doing a very good job as parents, with similar shares saying that they’re doing a good job. 

What’s interesting is that these parental self-assessments don’t differ by income, but there is some variance across other demographic divides, such as gender and generation. Among all parents, more mothers than fathers say they are doing a very good job raising their children (51% vs 39%), and Millennial mothers are particularly inclined to give themselves a positive rating. Nearly six-in-ten or 57% of moms ages 18 to 34 say that they are doing a very good job as a parent, representing a higher share than Millennial dads (43%) or any other generational group.

Being Overprotective

This one might not come as too much of a surprise, but in the same poll, mothers turned out to be more overprotective than fathers. About six-in-ten parents or 62% said that they can sometimes be overprotective, while a quarter of respondents said that they tend to give their children a little too much freedom. In several key ways, mothers and fathers approach parenting from a different angle. Mothers are more likely than fathers to say that they can be overprotective as well as give in a little too quickly and excessively praise their children. This might be because mothers generally tend to have more extensive support networks that they rely on for advice about parenting. This means that mothers are much more likely than fathers to turn to family members and friends as well as parenting resources like books, magazines, and online articles.

Importance Of Identity

There is at least one key area identified in the Pew survey where gender did not make a difference. In what could be considered “wholesome” data, mothers and fathers are equally likely to say that being a parent is extremely important to their overall identity. In the poll, about six-in-ten moms (58%) and dads (57%) reported this, and an additional 35% and 37% reported that being a parent is very important to their overall identity, respectively.

A Healthy Balance Of Parental Involvement

When it comes to parental involvement in their child’s education and other matters, this is where things become a little more polarized. About half of respondents (53%) of those with school-age children reported that they were satisfied with their level of engagement, whereas the other 46% said that they wish they could be doing more. Another interesting point is that most parents generally don’t think children should feel bad about getting poor grades, so long as they are trying hard. Totally fair, right? Well, on the flipside, about half of respondents (52%) said that they would be “very disappointed” if their children were average students. Is this indicative of overly strict or harsh parenting? It’s not up to us to decide, but it’s an interesting thought to consider.

Give Your Baby A Solid Foundation With Our Custom Baby Bedding

Regardless of where you fit into these parenting statistics, ensuring that your new baby has the very best baby bedding and custom nursery bedding solutions from DBC Baby Bedding Co is very important. Secure a healthy life for your own baby by shopping our baby nursery bedding sets online today!

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Some Surprising Myths About Parenthood

Some Surprising Myths About Parenthood

DBC Baby Bedding

It’s pretty well known that parenthood is one of the most difficult yet incredibly rewarding things that anyone could do in their life. If our sole biological purpose as human beings is to procreate and carry on offspring, then parenthood can also be considered the single most important thing that people could ever do. What’s interesting is that, despite how much importance we weigh on this responsibility and privilege to be able to raise a child, there exist a good number of misconceptions and myths about parenthood. Whether this misinformation is coming from those who’ve never been parents before or perhaps from parents of several generations ago, it’s interesting to see how standard parenting practices and how to be the best parent ever can change throughout time.

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Now, in the interest of providing advice to new or expecting parents, let’s go ahead and dive into some of this misinformation about being a parent. Parenting is far from easy, but knowing the right information definitely helps!

Myth: The Age Of Two Is Always A Difficult Time

Right off the bat, in fairness, helping your child safely grow up in the world is always going to be a trying experience no matter who you are. The “twos”, or the period of time between 18 months to 30 months for your baby, are only terrible if you’re unprepared. If you’re anywhere near a normal parent who obviously wants the very best love and care for your child, then we trust that you’ll make it a point to be prepared for all stages of your child’s life.

It is true that sometime during this stretch, it’s practically certain that your sweet, seemingly-innocent baby will grow a feisty, stubborn toddler-like temperament. Yes, dealing with this can be overly taxing, especially if you have multiple kids. Just remember to keep your eye on the positive side of things and know that your child will eventually grow out of this.

Myth: You Should Never Bribe Your Child Under Any Circumstances

To be clear, bribing your child is almost always a bad idea, and we’re not recommending that you do so. However, if you avoid bribing 98 percent of the time, there’s definitely some useful value in those 2 percent of situations where decent behavior just seems impossible. Promising to buy something at the end of the day so that they’ll cooperate isn’t all that bad, again, so long as it is not a habitual thing. Needless to say, on a practical level, bribery costs money, and it also loses its effectiveness pretty quickly. You’ll also want to avoid resorting to bribery whenever possible because you don’t want to be sending a message along the lines of this: “You don’t have to behave like a civilized human being unless there’s something in it for you.”

Myth: Babies Who Walk And Talk Early Are The Smartest Of Their Peer Group

You would naturally assume that this is true. However, as it turns out, earlier-than-average talking and walking skills are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of life. If anything, these highly noticeable developmental milestones are more of a measure of motor development as opposed to IQ or intellect. Both talking and walking require normal nerve growth which occurs at its own pace in each child.

Myth: Having A Baby Ruins Sex Indefinitely

Having a baby does not ruin your sex life; it changes it. Sex can very well return to its pre-baby norm - the trick is for couples not to put too much pressure on themselves, be patient, and let the physical intimacy return slowly. Keep in mind that your sexual triggers will likely change as well. Instead of lingerie or that nice dress shirt, something as seemingly non-sexual as a good night’s sleep and a trusted babysitter could do more in the way of getting your hormones going.

Myth: Parents Shouldn’t Have Disagreements In Front Of Their Children

It’s difficult to generalize this myth. If the parents are violently lashing out at each other and raising their voices to uncomfortable levels, this should not happen in front of the child (and, quite frankly, should not happen at all in light of a happy and healthy marriage). However, calm, low-volume and rational blame-free discussions are something different. If your child is old enough to roughly grasp what is going on, they might very well learn valuable life lessons about conflict resolution in the context of a healthy adult relationship. 

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Helpful Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

Helpful Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

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If you’re a new parent or you’re expecting a second child on the way, then you’re surely familiar with comforting your crying baby...well, at least attempting to soothe your crying baby. It’s easier said than done, and in many instances, gently cradling your child and letting her cry until the day’s end is more or less the only option. And hey, at least it’s completely natural for new babies to cry - after all, it’s their only form of vocal communication indicating that he or she needs something. That being said, it’s also a natural parental response to comfort their child and make everything better. Have you tried every single trick in the book?

DBC Baby Bedding Co Helps New Parents With Their Baby

A cranky baby might be the result of a bad crib or bad crib bedding. A happy, healthy baby is made possible by getting quality nutrition, tender love and care, and of course, rest. That’s why DBC Baby Bedding Co makes the very best custom baby bedding and bedding for cribs to ensure that your special little one gets her much needed sleep. We completely understand that babies are inherently fussy and that they’re not always easy sleepers, even if they are completely adorable. So, in today’s blog post, we’re going to cover some useful tips to help you, as a sleep-deprived parent, comfort your wailing child. Let’s take a look, and afterward, don’t forget to check out our main collection of baby nursery bedding sets!

Gently Wrap The Baby

Akin to something as ridiculously cute as a “baby burrito”, wrapping your baby cozily in a thin, lightweight blanket with her arms across her chest can have the most wonderful calming effect. Swaddled babies generally tend to sleep longer and more soundly as well. 

If you think about why this is effective, it really starts to make sense: A womb is not a particularly “roomy” piece of real estate, meaning that your new baby is probably still accustomed to being packed closely in a warm, tight-packed environment. Emulating the environment that your baby spent so long in will help stop the constant tears and make your baby feel safe and secure.

Appropriate Levels Of Noise

Absolute silence or just “house noises” might unnerve your baby. This is because they’ve been used to existing in the womb, in which your baby could hear the sounds of the mother’s heart, the rush of blood, the gurgling of the stomach, and so forth. So, depending on the personality or preference of the baby, silence isn’t necessarily golden.

Try turning on a fan, as the soft whirring tones can be music to a fussy baby’s ears. Using a vacuum cleaner from afar has also proved to work for some parents, but just make sure that your baby isn’t too close as their hearing is still quite sensitive. White noise machines or white noise applications on smartphones are also a pretty good way to go.

The Classic Binky

A lot of moms out there seem to have a concern that using a pacifier will cause their baby to develop a bad habit, but according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there’s nothing necessarily wrong with giving a newborn a pacifier. All children are different, of course, but some children have strong sucking needs that are quickly soothed by the power of the binky. Most babies tend to give up on the pacifier around the seventh month or so, but don’t worry if your baby still favors the binky because they’ll grow out of it eventually.

Rocking And Swinging

Gently rocking and swinging is great, because hey, why not get a little workout in as a new parent? Rock-a-bye baby is a classic soothing technique. Simply place your baby in your arms, stand with your feet slightly more than hip-width apart, and swivel back and forth at the hips. As long as you’re holding your baby close, relatively vigorous movement should be fine. Of course, when you get tired of doing rock-a-bye baby on your own, using a rocking chair is a good idea.


A vacuum cleaner can accomplish this (albeit being quite loud for your baby’s ultra-sensitive ears), but “good vibrations” have proven to soothe distraught babies. The vibrating motion of something like a washing machine or a dryer has saved the sanity of many frustrated parents. It might sound weird, but place your baby in an infant seat, put it on top of the appliance, and hold onto it firmly so that the seat stays in place.

The subtle vibrations of the road may also help, so taking your baby for a quick car ride is an idea worth considering. If the weather is particularly nice out, consider a nice stroller ride down the block (and hey, saving even a bit of fuel is always a good thing).

Other Random Pointers

  • A quick change of scenery can be distracting enough to calm your newborn’s cries.
  • Some babies find stroking soothing, so a gentle massage is worth trying out.
  • Dim the lights and shut off the TV or computer.
  • Check the room temperature and your baby’s clothes.

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Tips For Your Baby Getting The Best Optimal Sleep

Tips For Your Baby Getting The Best Optimal Sleep

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Wouldn’t it be really nice if, as a brand-new parent, your newborn baby got a solid eight hours of sleep at a predictable time every evening? Nearly any new parent will agree that this is the best possible scenario, but it’s also impossible. New babies just don’t sleep regular hours like adults do, even if you’re desperately begging for your newborn to stop crying and gently fall back to sleep at 3:45 A.M. Though getting your new baby to sleep and making sure they get some smooth rest for a while is easier said than done, you might be delighted to know that, as a new parent, there are some things that you can do to promote decent sleep for your new baby!

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One of the things that helps is having the right custom baby bedding solutions. By being comfortable and safe inside your baby’s crib, it will be a little bit easier to doze off and hopefully fall asleep for longer than a couple minutes (a true accomplishment in the eyes of a new parent, we’re sure). Fortunately, DBC Baby Bedding Co has great unique baby bedding sets that you can choose from to ensure that your precious child is getting the best baby bedding they can sleep on. With our nursery bedding collections, you can rest easy (hopefully) knowing that your baby is safe, secure and comfortable inside of their crib.

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Let’s check out some easy sleeping tips for your young one.

Dim The Lights

Like regular adult sleepers, light signals daytime to the baby, so blocking out any sun coming into the nursery will help keep her snoozing. If possible, try to cut out all of the lights, including night-lights if possible (it said that babies are highly unlikely to develop a fear of the dark until at least 18 months). If your baby happens to be a nighttime nurser, attach a dimmer switch to a lamp and turn it on and off slowly for nighttime feedings.

Sound Can Help Soothe

Sound does a lot to help calm down humans, and new babies are no exception! What a baby hears (or doesn’t hear) is just as important as what she does or does not see. Consider picking up a white noise machine, as this can help your baby sleep better by canceling out “house noise”, cars and other distracting sounds. There are also a number of white noise apps that you can download on your smartphone, in which you can then connect to a speaker in your baby’s nursery.

Your baby will begin to associate the constant and consistent sound with sleep. As a precaution, just make sure not to turn up the white noise volume up so high that it could hurt your baby’s sensitive ears. Ideally, keep your white noise machine or app on the lowest setting and place it in the far corner of the room.

Keep The Room Free Of Clutter

Does keeping the floor free of toys really help your baby rest? Quite possibly, as crib distractions can confuse a baby. By putting intention into your baby’s nursery as a room for sleep and not play (until they’re a little bit older, that is), she might be a little more focused on the sole task at hand - getting some shut-eye. You don’t want your baby thinking “Is this a playpen, or a place to sleep?” Make the distinction as obvious as possible.

Keep It Cool

Speaking of being obvious, the nursery shouldn’t be a sweatbox and it certainly shouldn’t be a fridge in there, either. Finding the right temperature balance for your baby will definitely help them stay comfortable as they’re trying to snooze away. A consistent and cool (not cold) temperature of between 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty ideal for a nursery. Besides room temperature, your baby shouldn’t be over-bundled: Instead of heavy clothes, dress your baby in light layers so that you can easily regulate their temperature and comfort levels accordingly.

Also, putting the crib in the right spot is key to keeping your baby at an optimal temperature. Pick a spot for the crib that isn’t in the direct pathway of your air-conditioning or heating vents, as the sudden temperature changes will likely startle and disturb the baby (babies really are that sensitive - they can’t even take an honest joke!). Finally, place the crib away from windows to protect your baby from things like drafts and outside noise.

Give Swaddling a Try

In the early months of your baby’s life, swaddling may be an effective way to help your baby sleep more soundly and for longer stretches of time. Swaddling refers to snugly (but not too tightly) wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth and security. This can keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, and also help her stay warm and toasty for the first few days of life until her “internal thermostat” kicks in. As a bonus, this may also calm your baby in a general sense.

Sharing The Same Room

Congratulations, you and your baby are roommates! Safe sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for at least the first six months (and up to the first year) or life - but not in the same bed. Sleeping in the same room may actually encourage breastfeeding, and it is also known to help your baby sleep for longer stretches at a time while also helping reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because you’re right there should anything happen.

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