Baby's Grow So Fast!

Baby's Grow So Fast!

Wow, you turn your head and next thing you know you have a full blown adult on your hands. This little baby you just brought into the world, the one who brought you great joys and tried your mettle. This little baby that you cared for and protected everyday of their lives. So Precious and so beautiful, this baby of yours is the reason you exist. Take time with your baby, go the extra mile, you have this special time make sure to use it to the utmost. Take note of their little feet and hands, so you never forget. As this special baby grows keep those papers and drawings they make because sometimes as time goes on we forget those little moments without reminders. Remember those first words, the first steps, baby's first laugh, these are the days. Congratulations your having a girl or Congratulations your having a boy, no words are more terrifying or satisfying to a parent and no experience is as fulfilling. You are blessed and your baby, the reason you exist. Be sure to never take for granted that time and to never forget why you do what you do because of that precious cargo that you are caring for. 

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As I look at my own children, I’m reminded of how fast time moves by. Some are beginning their adult journey and others are still working their way there, but they where all babies that my life revolved around, each one of them was their own unique experience. Oh the personalities, same parents totally different babies, every baby is their own person and develops at their own rate. Relax, your pediatrician will tell you if there is something wrong. Plus it is much easier to enjoy the time with baby if you aren't worrying, babies can feel emotions from their parents even though they don’t understand the words coming out of your mouth. Create that peaceful environment for your baby to grow in and to explore in. Talk to your baby everyday, have adult conversation with them too, they will appreciate it. Never underestimate how fast your baby’s mind can develop and how much they can learn even if they can’t talk.

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Congratulations you are having a little one!  

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