About Us

DBC Baby Bedding Co.

Our Founder and CEO

As a young child, Christy loved to sew.  She learned how to sew at the local college taking summer sewing classes.
Sewing became a way for her to connect with her Grandma through the sewing projects they would do.  From that time forward, sewing and created would have a special meaning to Christy.  
Christy pursued and obtained her college degrees, and went to work as an Engineer.  However, her true passion was in raising her children and creating bedding and clothing for her children's use.  In her years with DBC Baby Bedding Co., she has been able to share her passion with her many customers, and truly does believe that Sharing is Caring, and sharing her designs and products with her customers is a dream come true.

Our Story

Designs by Christy was founded in 2009 as a way to earn extra income for the family to make ends meet.  Seeing there was a hole in the market for mothers to have quality bedding and coordinates for their newborns, Christy began making products for local mothers.  As the popularity of the brand grew, Designs by Christy began offering more products for mothers.  In order to stay connected with the local customers and to work more efficiently, Designs by Christy went live on Etsy in 2009 and is still there today.  In 2011, Designs by Christy added full line bedding to serve the market. Designs by Christy became DBC Baby Bedding Co. in 2015. Since 2015, DBC Baby Bedding Co. has expanded to offer a full line of baby bedding, nursery coordinates, baby gear, and on the go baby products that are still made in the USA.  In 2017, DBC Baby Bedding Co. created their own online webstore to serve customers worldwide.  Today, DBC Baby Bedding Co and Designs by Christy have provided quality baby bedding and nursery coordinates for over 80,000 customers and still growing.  DBC Baby Bedding Co. will continue to serve families into the future with quality products made in the USA.

Our Mission

At DBC Baby Bedding Co., our mission is to provide high quality and safe baby products for families.  All products at DBC Baby Bedding Co. are handcrafted, made to order for YOU in the DBC Production Facility in the USA.  Never imported, Never mass manufactured, Never treated with harmful chemicals.  
DBC Baby Bedding Co. supports other American Businesses by sourcing fabrics and supplies from them.  American Made, Supporting other American Businesses.
DBC Baby Bedding Co. is also certified on the Made in the USA Registry.

Outside of DBC

Family is Everything!

Savor a day dedicated to cherishing moments with your family.

Kids grow so fast, and time gets away from us. My kids are my everything, yes. all 9 of them and 3 grandbabies.

This is US, We are DBC Baby Bedding Co. Do enjoy the pictures!